Salma Hayek's Skin Care Secret

Have you heard of tepezcohuite cream?

If you have not, I will let you in on one of the most precious ingredients  (we have Salma Hayek to thank for it). According to Salma, "it is used in Mexico for burn victims because it completely regenerates the skin, and there's no one in the States who is using this ingredient"... Until now and thanks to this precious Mexican ingredient, our skin has never looked better. It not helps to heal acne but it also reduces acne scars and gives the skin an overall glow. 
What is it: Tepezcohuite has been researched by several universities worldwide and health ministries and is currently a part of several extensive studies. Findings include that Tepezcohuite bark contains a strong analgesic, tannins (130mg per 100g), lactones, flavonoids (1.0-1.2mg per ml), saponins, and numerous olingo elements. It has also been shown to inhibit the activity of Hyaluronidase which is a family of enzymes that catalyse the degradation of hyaluronic acid. Inhibiting this enzyme will help to maintain the integrity of hyaluronic acid in one’s skin. Tepezcohuite has also been found to stimulate the mitotic potential of skin cells (cell division), clearly showing its regenerating properties.
If you're still hesitant, simply look at Salma Hayeks skin - it most certainly sold us and we're just happy to share.
If you try this miracle ingredient, let us know in the comment below.

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